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Sweet Lou's Blues: CD
  • Sweet Lou's Blues: CD Sweet Lou's Blues: CD

Sweet Lou's Blues: CD

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The arrangements are fun, exciting and surprising with each track and as the title tune came to a close I unabashedly shouted “Applause, Applause!” to Lutalo Olutosin for a vision that unquestionably hit the sweet spot on the mark. (Carl Anthony, Notorious Jazz)

Sweet Lou's Blues


Born in East Chicago, Indiana to Parents who'd followed the endless waves of African Americans who left the Deep South in the 1940-1950s to find better lives and opportunities in the North. They knew of the mills and factories that existed there, and they wanted a taste of what they felt would be a better life for themselves.

Like those waves of people my parents followed, they carried their music (Gospel/Spiritual music) with them. That migration and a deep rooting in the Gospel church are the anchor points that have become the joy-spring of Sweet Lu Olutosin's music. The root (Gospel) is unmistakable. The Trunk (Blues) is unavoidable. The branches (Jazz) are the clear culmination of the merging and maturation of the soulful intermingling of the old with the new while remaining true.